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About Native Earth

As a company native to Idaho, Native Earth understands the importance of healthy soil, happy plants and finding the perfect combination of lawn, garden and arbor care to match your specific environment. For a combined 75 years, we’ve specialized in nutrient-rich, prescription formulated products designed to produce the highest quality and maximum yields. The result is a series of safe, naturally-based products formulated to match your lawn and garden needs.

Standlee Premium Products partnered with fellow Idaho-based company, Land View, Inc., to create Nature's Best and bring the Native Earth brand to the consumer market.

We believe that plants need special care to flourish. That's why we're committed to nurturing, reviving, and enhancing nature in the most effective and sustainable ways possible.

Why this process works best

Our background of providing some of the most efficient products in agriculture is extended to the homeowner and gardener with the Native Earth product line. Our success is influenced by a combination of characteristics that center on efficiency and respect for our natural resources.

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Mineral Rich

Native Earth’s products are wholesome, effective combinations of Earth’s most potent ingredients. We combine what we know to be the best ingredients nature has to offer with the best information science has to offer. This allows us to develop products that are biologically multi-dimensional yet easy to use.

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Highly Efficient

Outdated fertilizer production has enabled poor fertilizer practices resulting in a waste of natural resources and increased environmental pollution. Native Earth has proven a modern, efficient approach to fertility and continues to innovate using the scientific method to improve product efficiencies resulting in less waste, while providing exceptional produce taste and increased nutritional value. Understanding and incorporating the underlying methods behind how plants interact in the environment is the key to our product’s sustainable efficiencies. Our methods for fertilizer production have been verified by the academic community.

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Mindfully Created

From organic compost to amendments and plant food, each of our plant care products are designed with specific use in mind. Our team is made up of skilled consultants, agronomists, and scientists that are driven by innovation. Working together, they are both broadly and especially skilled in chemistry, biology, genetics, and plant and soil science. We believe that understanding the agronomic efficiencies derived from natural systems can help us create the most efficient products our native earth has to offer.

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The 4-R’s

We recommend the 4R’s of nutrient stewardship developed in agriculture. 4R's stand for right source, right rate, right time, and right place and serve to guide farmers to the management practices that help keep nutrients on and in the field. Native Earth draws on 35 years of access to fertilizer industry trade secrets and has identified the most proven fertility sources.

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Enjoy lasting blooms, healthier trees, brighter leaves and stronger roots for longer. Science is at the foundation of all that we do at Native Earth. Although our scientists have developed Native Earth technology from scientific theory, our product’s performance have been verified through research and data collection. We document the benefits of all of our products to support all of our product claims. Peruse some of our trial reports and contact us if you are interested in empirical data that may support your plant-growing efforts, aims, and goals.

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Native Earth is committed to developing products that promote strong environmental stewardship in efforts to feed an ever-increasing world population. We are proving through our products that scientific innovation will significantly reduce waste and produce more efficient growth, while preserving the integrity of our planet’s natural resources. In agriculture, we recommend using 50% of standard nutrient practices for equal or better yield results. These same benefits are extended to your home and garden plants.