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PurelySoil Potting Mix


Potting Mix

Specifically formulated for potted plants, PurelySoil Potting Mix will help your container plants grow bigger, more beautiful, and full of bounty. All natural and rich in the essentials your plants need to thrive. Our Potting Soil is formulated to provide continuous slow release nutrients, absorb water, and promote quick growth. No mixing necessary, simply add our Potting Soil to your containers.

Benefits and Uses

  • Rich soil for potted plants
  • Specially formulated to build strong plants
  • Helps disperse moisture efficiently
  • Ideal for small or medium containers
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
  • One bag will fill two 14” containers
  • May be used alone or with other Native Earth products
Directions for Use
  1. Select a container with a drainage hole
  2. Fill container 1/2-1/3 full with Potting Soil
  3. Gently loosen roots of plants and place in container
  4. Add more Potting Soil around the roots and plant until soil is 1/2"-1" from the top of container
  5. Press lightly on soil
  6. Water in well and let drain
  7. A 32 dry quart bag will fill two 14" containers

Lighting: Plants vary in their need for sunlight. Please refer to plant tags for their specific sun and shade needs.

Watering: Do not allow your container plants to sit in drainage water. Outdoor potted plants can dry out very quickly, especially if exposed to full sunlight.

Feeding: Supplemental watering and feedings may be required more frequently for outdoor potted plants than indoor potted plants. Feeding the plant as it grows will ensure it prospers.

Repotting: We recommend repotting potted plants annually, to replenish nutrients and avoid soil compaction.


The possibilities are endless.


100% composted dairy cow manure, sand from Idaho, and aged forest products.

Handling Considerations
  • Hazard statement: None
  • We recommend wearing gloves while handling this product
Sourced Responsibly Disperse Moisture All Natural

Why Native Earth Works

Plants growing in soil

Mineral rich

Native Earth’s products are wholesome, effective combinations of Earth’s most potent ingredients.

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Plants growing in soil

Highly Efficient

Native Earth has proven a modern, efficient approach to fertility and continues to innovate using the scientific method to improve product efficiencies resulting in less waste, while providing exceptional produce taste and increased nutritional value.

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Mindfully Created

From organic compost to amendments and plant food, each of our plant care products are designed with specific use in mind.

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The 4-R’s

The 4R's stand for right source, right rate, right time, and right place and serve to guide farmers to the management practices that help keep nutrients on and in the field.

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Enjoy lasting blooms, healthier trees, brighter leaves and stronger roots for longer.

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Native Earth is committed to developing products that promote strong environmental stewardship in efforts to feed an ever-increasing world population.

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