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25LB (11.34KG)

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Chopped straw is an excellent multi-purpose product for household projects, gardening, composting, animal bedding and more. Our Chopped Straw is chopped into 4” pieces for easy use, all-natural and biodegradable. While we can’t guarantee each and every barley or wheat seed is removed, we can confirm our straw is Certified Noxious Weed Free.

  • Multi-purpose chopped straw for home, lawn and garden.
  • May be used alone or with other Native Earth products.
  • 2.0 cubic feet, compressed (56.6L)
  • 10 cubic feet, expanded
Benefits and Uses
  • All-natural and biodegradable
  • Certified Noxious Weed Free
  • Erosion control
  • Perfect for seed retention and spot patching
  • Keep birds out of recently seeded areas
  • Minimal waste and clean up
  • Ideal for composting
  • Great for concrete projects
  • Clean and soft bedding for animals
  • Directions For Use
  • Use as needed, anywhere you need it.

The possibilities are endless.

Nutritional Note

Chopped straw intended for home and garden purposes and not as a source of nutrition.

Landscaping Note

Not treated with chemicals or other additives. Barley or wheat seeds may be present and germinate. Simply pull unwanted starts.

  • Naturally sun-cured premium western barley or wheat straw
  • Handling Considerations
  • Hazard statement: None
Seed spot watching Water less often Minimal waste and cleanup Ideal for composting All natural bedding Concrete projects

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Mineral rich

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Native Earth has proven a modern, efficient approach to fertility and continues to innovate using the scientific method to improve product efficiencies resulting in less waste, while providing exceptional produce taste and increased nutritional value.

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