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Lawn and Grass Treatment

Native Earth products for your lawn and turfgrass treatments including liquid fertilizers and organic compost.

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How Native Earth helps your lawn

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Turfgrass and lawn care can be complicated where high foot-traffic can compact the soil, making it difficult for grass to grow. This issue also transpires where your pets and wildlife leave behind their animal waste marking up the lawn. AeraVive is your key to remediating these problems. It works by encouraging proper soil structure, water movement, feeding soil microbes, and pushing salts to give you back the lawn you can be proud of. Healthy soil promotes a healthy lawn.

Native Earth products for lawn and garden treatments


AeraVive rejuvenates lawn health, increases soil water movement, and mitigates the effects of compaction.

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FloraVive is enriched with organic molecules that will help plants absorb essential plant nutrients already in the soil.

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