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Get it Growing!

Spring is often thought of as the Planting Season, especially for plants that live more than one year (perennials).

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As the soil warms up, soil microbes come out of hibernation

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Some plants can be seeded as the soil wakes up

Things to remember during spring

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Spring frost can kill tender seedlings of many ornamental / domestic plants.

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Plants native to your area are more likely to survive early spring planting.

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Growing lights in the house or a greenhouse can protect tender plants.

How Native Earth helps you during spring



FloraVive can be used to support healthy, early-season plant starts and sustain growth.

  • FloraVive is a safe, balanced, and innovative all-purpose fertilizer for your lawn and garden.
  • Formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide slow-release nitrogen, amino acids, and promotes use of phosphorus already in the soil.


AeraVive is a Spring solution for high-traffic lawn areas that have worn. AeraVive reduces compaction of areas with heavy foot traffic and increases water penetration to underlying grass roots.



BloomVive extends the length of time flowers bloom during Spring, such as bulbs planted in the fall.



Spring is an ideal time to use ArborVive for establishing trees with sustained, balanced nutrition.

  • Early spring is a common time for transplanting new trees and starts. ArborVive is excellent for establishing trees after transplant.
  • ArborVive is a dynamic tree food that provides macronutrients and micronutrients when the plant needs it to aid stout growth, plant health, and a rich canopy color.

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