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Tree in summer illustration

Keep it Green!

Summer is a time to maintain what you established in the Spring. The heat and drought of summer bring stress to plants. Over-fertilizing can be an issue during summer which is why our Native Earth line of efficient products are a great option for any lawn and garden.

How Native Earth helps you during summer



FloraVive is a highly efficient fertilizer to provide the basic needs of plants to withstand challenging growing conditions.

  • During the extreme heat of the summer, it is best to not use fertilizer on lawns


BloomVive is formulated for stress relief and stress avoidance by providing antioxidants to plants. Summer is an excellent time to use this product. If applied foliarly, avoid applying in direct sunlight of the heat of the day to prevent leaf/petal scalding.

Two major challenges to lawns during Summer are getting water deep to roots while avoiding evaporation and minimizing damage in high-traffic areas.


AeraVive solves both of these problems by increasing soil water movement to enhance water infiltration. Simultaneously, AeraVive mitigates the effects of compaction by loosening soil aggregates to support soil structure in high traffic areas.


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Summer is a time when disease may manifest itself in trees. Most leaves are meant to be green and if not it may be a sign that your trees need some help. A Spring application of ArborVive would help keep disease at bay. Did you miss a tree during Spring application? Or notice a friend or family member’s tree in need? ArborVive can bring a tree back from the brink during summer.